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I hope your experience of my contemporary, abstract art touches your heart and lifts your spirits like a breathtaking sunset. Use the ‘Gallery’ drop down menu to have fun browsing. When you see something you like click on the image to learn more. To purchase click the “Add to Cart” button.


Imagine beginning your day reflecting for a few moments on your essence. Imagine coming home after a full day being able to reflect on your true self. Imagine this process growing your spirit, moving you forward, and creating your path.


Giclee prints are high quality fine art prints at affordable prices.  Perfect start for the beginning collector or as gifts to inspire others.  Visit the giclee gallery.  Have fun browsing, then make a selection.  Art is a luxury we all deserve.  Start now.

Original Work

Paintings and drawings have their own life force. They show us feelings, thoughts, invisible pieces moving inside ourselves, revealing, illuminating who we are. Through art we declare our existence and give it meaning.