About Arianna Lin

Reiki Master / Teacher
Masters in Counseling Psychology


Lifting viewer’s spirits through my art describes my primary, consistent intention.  I play with the themes of mystery, movement and ambiguity in space.  Whether painting or drawing, I often begin in the spirit of dance, the sense of dancing the materials on the page.  The process from that point forward becomes a dialogue between oneself and the work, listening to what is said and what is unsaid.  The work evolves.  The series of black and white oil pastels progressed like a geometry problem (when I studied geometry) with a given my initial marks on the page and the resolution of those marks impacting the white space or the ‘to find’.

When a painting suggests a story to me, intimates a far off place, whispers a lost time although always shy of articulation, I know that I am on the right trail. Giving a face to the mystery we call the human soul.


I have always straddled two worlds, art and healing.  My attempts to blend the two came together most successfully when I began doing Soul Portraits.  As a psychotherapist, my skills as an astute listener come into play during the consultation.  Now I continue to promote the growth and self knowledge of another with my intuitive approach to art making.  There were times when this union might have been titled “Mission Impossible.  Not anymore.

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