At the art supply store one day, a block of watercolors caugh my eye. Never heard of
this strange Italian company. Intrigued, I bought the 6″ x 6″ block. Playfully I began to explore this new paper.
One block led to another and another and another despite the disappearance of the strange Italian watercolor block.

Its still fun. Its sill lighthearted. Sometimes I think I created wallpaper.

Most often its an exploration of mystery, what will come forth from my initial statement.

Working on a block is a lot like keeping a journal. Because they are glued at on end, you can flip through the paintings and almost
read a story. A story I can never quite put into words.

So in the same lighthearted spirit that began these watercolors, I offer them to you on Instagram: soulimagesbyariannalin