Soul Images

On one of those perfect New England summer days I showed photographs of my Hamlin Street series to a Reiki Master and owner of a metaphysical store in Narragansett, RI.  The work moved her.  She said they reminded her of this deck called Soul Cards.  I loved her enthusiasm.  She thought she had given me a brilliant entrepreneurial idea.  I wondered how one produced such a deck.  Although cards were not the next project, she definitely planted a seed.  This seed produced the first shoots in Denver.  Painting in this charming attic apartment, the thought occurred to me,  “I am painting soul images.  These are soul images.”  And so it is.

In all my works, whether I say I am dancing on the page with charcoal or am working a painting like a geometry problem, the intention is to uplift the spirits of my viewers, to give them an ethereal experience.   I am told that Larry Dosey M.D. proved that beauty changes our DNA, bringing us into greater harmony.  So it is with the works I call soul images.


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