Dancing on the page

To dance on the page was the second limitation or rule for this series. Free paper was the first rule.  Art supply stores wrap the paper they sell with brown wrapping paper or butcher paper. As this six foot tall store clerk whipped a yard of paper off the roll, I remembered how much fun I had drawing on this paper in art school. I asked him if I could have two or three more sheets. He obliged, ripping several 9′ long sheets off the roll. The rips made for interesting shaped surfaces, informing the drawing.

The is paper is a smooth, fast surface. Conte crayons are a quick moving tool, encouraging broad strokes and large forms. As the charcoal or conte crayon zoomed around the page like a dancer on stage, I watched and waited for the forms to emerge. Delicate lines came later. Fine lines defining mass is a delicious visual oxymoron I relish. Enjoy.

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