Soul Portrait

Imagine beginning your day reflecting for a few moments on your essence. Imagine coming home after a full day being able to reflect on your true self. Imagine this process growing your spirit, moving you forward, and creating your path.

“Your work is magnificent !” 

Lynn V. Andrews 

International Best Selling Author of ‘Medicine Woman

What Is A Soul Portrait?

It is a painting or drawing representing the individual’s essence, spirit or soul. I tune into the essence of who you are in this lifetime and bring it to life on the canvas. Allowing you to see the true beauty and abundance of your own spirit.

What Is The Process?

We begin with a consultation. We talk for about an hour about your life now, your goals and aspirations. We discuss the shape & texture of one’s day to day of life. We discuss your highest vision of your grandest self.

The consultation includes your response to art on the web site and/or other works important to the client. We agree upon the format and materials and other terms of the commission agreement.

I sit in silence, focusing on my sense of the crux of our conversation. I clear my mind allowing my intuition to choose colors, move my hand, allowing the image to come through.


We are so much more than the person we see in the mirror. Sometimes we can only see the truth of who we are through the gaze of another. As you contemplate your painting, you will be seeing yourself through the eyes of Beauty, seeing with the eye of the Divine.

Now that I have my Soul Portrait, what do I do?

I suggest sitting in silence opposite your Soul Portrait for about fifteen minutes. This practice is often called an open-eyed meditation. When you watch the sun set you relax your body and focus on the horizon. Here you focus on your painting. I am always available to help with this process.


Prices are determined by the media you choose.  Oil paint requires more time than pastels and oil paint on canvas more than double the time than paper.  All portraits include an hour long consultation, and professional presentation.

Soft pastel on paper 30″H x 22″W                                  $2,000.00

Oil paint on paper 30″H x 22″W                                     $3,000.00

Oil on canvas  30″H  x 24″W                                           $4,500.00

Another dimension of your choosing avail upon request.